About Us

HITDIFFERENT ® is a brand that has limited collection and high-end premium clothing lineups. We strongly believe that there is uniqueness in minimalism and you will find this design thinking reflected in all of our products.

Our products have been designed with a vision to instigate subtle yet bold statements. Our supply chain is globally diversified which enables us to make small impacts in the lives of people we work with. 

Our fabrics are sourced with material quality and eco-friendliness as primary factors. These are small impacts but we believe, it does make a difference. Our aim is to improve on the sustainability throughout our supply chain to reduce the strain on the environment. 

Our product designs are created with the synergy of color essence and art which will help you feel confident within yourself. The comfy feel of all our fabrics only adds to the experience. 

We want to help you look confident, bold and minimalistic but also attractive. You can order our products from all over the world yet find it shipped with much love and care. 

Keep making the difference in your lives and let us help you express it.